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Arizona Agate lamp

Arizona Agate lamp

Standing 27 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this table lamp is illuminated by three 60 watt bulbs controlled by a three way brass switch located at the bottom back side of the base.
The natural beauty of the lamp is created with thinly sliced petrified or agatized wood from Arizona. The earthy hues of brick red, brown, butterscotch and streaks of pink make up a beautiful sculpture but when illuminated come alive as a lamp with the vibrant richness one must see to believe. This hand made signed and dated work of art is constructed with a twist on the traditional copper foil technique of the old Tiffany Lamps. Each thinly sliced agate is edge wrapped with copper and then soldered togather. The placement of said agatized wood is where the unique quality of the lamp plays. The top of the shade is made of copper tubes formed to look as if part of a vine bearing a miriad of colorful agate clusters or “blooms” that cascade down making up the shade itself. The open areas to the top of the lamp expose clusters of more petrified pieces hanging inside giving a three demensional look.
The base of this lamp is made of more copper sculpting forming a thick and twisted ancient looking vine. The overall effect is wonderful.
This lamp is available for sale. Please inquire for price and any other questions you may have by using the CONTACT link in the upper right corner of this page. Thanks Greg.