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This 22 inch tall by 16 inch wide table lamp has a copper sculpture base very reminiscent of the Art Deco era with it’s copper branches arching togather from three closely positioned tree trunks entwined together.  At the base or ground of these trees set among gnarled old roots are matte polished quartz rocks forming a rock strewn woodland floor. Each of the three copper sculpture trees end in three posts sized to fit into sleeves attached to the inside of the branch system on the agate shade. The shade simply rests on these posts to prevent the shade fromturning. The advantage to this is I was able to make the shade deeply indented with a very three dimensional look without having to worry about the shade hitting the bulbs if someone tries to turn it. People always want to turn these lamp shades to find their favorite agate! I designed the agates literally around the bulbs.

The rock making up the shade are sliced Brazilian agates with the small round accent agates being Lake Superior agate. The top of the lamp consists of open branches of copper that drop down supporting the agate clusters of the shade. It is very open for proper venting of the three 60 watt bulbs but still hidden preventing glare. The over all feel of this lamp is that of being a very stout, tough and very dramatic table lamp. I hope you enjoy viewing this post.  I am happy to announce that this lamp sold today (11/10/09) Thank you.Deco Agate lamp 031Deco Agate lamp 040Deco Agate lamp 027