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Here is a table lamp with an intricate copper sculpted branching system on the top of the shade with the branches falling down and supporting a beautiful Uroboros green, mauve and cream colored glass ending in Royal Aztec agates of mostly earthy brown and cream accented with purple and mauve colors. The inspiration for the shade was the beautiful earth tone colors of these agates.

The over all measurements of this lamp is 28 inches tall and 24 inches across with a base footprint of 14 inches. The copper sculpted lamp┬ábase has a very sparkly crystal geode “cave” located front and center giving the look of mystery and magic. The lamp is illuminated with 4, 60 watt clear bulbs which show more of the mauve and purple of the stones and glass.To minimize the purple coloring simply replace these bulbs with soft white spiral fluorescent bulbs and the accent is on earth tone cream and brown with a hint of mauve. I love the mauve look. The pull chains end with more Royal Aztec agates.
I hope you love this lamp as much as I do. Thanks for viewing it.