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This chair is fashioned in the Mission style with strong angles and broad arm rests. It is made of white oak with a hand rubbed wax finish. The seat cushion and back rest is made of leather. The chair comes with two back rest cusions. One is two and a half inches thick (my favorite) and the other is fourand a half  inches thick to fit a shorter

This chair measures 32 inches tall, is 33 inches deep and 39 inches wide. It has copper sculpture art work on the back and both sides set into the chair to a depth of two inches and has track lighting built into the entire under side of the top of the art work illuminating the copper work beautifully.


This one of a kind copper sculpture chair is bes situated in a room so it can be viewed from all sides.  The end table in the first picture goes beautifully with this chair and has Trillium on it’s sides and has track lighting illuminating the art work as well. This set of furniture is available for sale. Please inquire for price. Thanks