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Here is one of the most thought out original and technically difficult lamp I have made to date. The inspiration behind the lamp came when I found (purchased) a couple dozen individual quartz crystal spikes and a geode that was cracked open and about a third of the shell came off exposing a cave-like crystal interior. I built the base with copper sculpted roots growing up and around the geode and then vining up withcrystal spikes embedded into the copper vine creating a thorny dramatic look. These vines open up to a shade of aqua green mixed with earthy tan and brown fracture glass from Uroboros Glass Co. and fringed with Montana Moss agates. The shade has three bulbs illuminating it with pulls made of copper vines ending in individual crystal spikes. Put a low wattage bulb in one of the sockets and you have a really cool night light! For questions on this lamp please feel free to e-mail me via the contact link on my home page. Enjoy!