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This is the very early stages of the creating of a large copper sculpture panel. It is 3 foot wide and 5 foot tall and will be recessed into a wall approximately 4 inches. On the first picture you can see the partial branching of a White Oak tree with a 2 3/8 inch diameter hole cut in the upper right side of the panel. This hole will be directly over a power source to connect the wiring of this panel to a switch on the wall next to the art work. It is 2 3/4 inches from the center of this hole to the side and top edge of the panel. In the other pictures you can see how this hole is hidden by Oak leaves but is still fully accessible.

The overall look of the finished sculpture will be Oak tree branches, leaves and acorns arching over a woodland floor of wild flowers. The three main Oak leaf clusters are surrounding three hidden light bulbs which will illuminate the wild flowers below. I am beginning Pink Lady Slippers (the State of MN. flower) today and anticipate Wood Violets, Trillium, and am working on some sort of fern fronds for undergrowth but they are proving to be ridiculously labor intensive to the point of cutting my lost labor and moving on!  I also want to add some sort of seedling tree growing up from among these flowers.