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If you are looking for a dozen roses  this is the lamp that will stand the test of time. At 26 inches tall and 20 inches across it can hold its own in a larger room especially with the rich vibrant reds and greens depicting a trailing rose vine with twelve rose blossoms.  There are also many rose buds and one small sparrow perched among the foliage.

This Rose Vine shade rests atop it’s base on 4 arms arching away from the central “trunk” of the Rose Vine which twists up out of 6 full open copper sculpture rose blossoms. I have never spent so much time creating a copper sculpture lamp base as I have done with this lamp. The blossoms needed to be made from many individual petals of copper which in turn were soldered together to give them a natural rose look. This was a very time consuming labor of love and I am very happy with the finished project.

I hope you enjoy viewing this work. If you wish to get a closer look simply click on the picture to enlarge it. You can do this a second time for an extreme close-up look at all the detail. This lamp is for sale. Please contact me for the price or go to the Xanadu Icon on the side bar of my home page where this lamp and all other lamps I have for sale are listed. Thank-you.