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DSC00315DSC00295DSC00298I made this copper sculpture chandelier to fit over a rectanglular 42 inch by 78 inch table and is in a room with 9 foot ceilings. The style of the room is Mission with beautiful wood floors and wide woodwork. This fixture has a 42 inch drop to the very lowest leaf and spans 40 inches across and 20 inches wide. It has 12 candelabra 40 watt bulbs to illuminate the room and put on a dimmer switch. The fixture hangs from a square hook made into the ceiling cap to allow the pendant to have some swing but cannot turn sideways from the table itself thus always being square to the table. It weighs about 40 pounds.  This fixture is part of a Maple leaf theme also in the front door stained glass, two wall sconces, an interior stained glass window with copper sculpted Maple leaves mounted on top of the glass and several other smaller complimentary windows with a single copper sculpted Maple leaf in the center of each.