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I have designed many lamps in my career and the lamp I am working on at that time is uaually my favorite one but so far I have caome back to this design as one of my all time favorites. It is quite small at 21 inches tall and 14 inches across but has great presence. Because the name of the flower in this lamp is Heavenly Blue morning glory I have used it to symbolize heaven and since this flowering vine is one my grandfather used to let me plant with him it also reminds me of him. Pair those sentiments with a love of the color blue and I’m hooked.

With all the detail put into the shade I wanted to make a real impact with the base. This is the first lamp base design I did in copper sculpture. It has a morning glory vine growing up a pole forming a perfect match for the lamp. Bearing in mind my spiritual connection with this flower I added a small caterpillar on one of the leaves symbolic of human struggle and a corresponding butterfly on the other side representing our rebirth through Christ. If you are not christian it is still is a cool look without the meaning.

I hope you enjoy viewing this lamp as much as I loved making it. Thanks. This lamp is available for sale. For price and any other questions you may have please inquire simply using the CONTACT link in the upper right corner of this page. Thank-you