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Here is a stained glass lamp I designed some years back as a special commission piece but made as a floor lamp (see White Oak floor lamp posting) and it has always been one of my favorites. Of course I say that a lot with my lamps! I have finally made one I get to keep for a while until it finds a good home to show off in.White Oak table lamp 052White Oak table lamp 051White Oak table lamp 010 For those of you out there that understand stained glass work and have knowledge of the craft the glass is primarily from the Youghiogheny glass company. The top grid work is their Nature’s Pallet series and most of the leaves are from their RG line. The gold leaves are of Oceana glass and a few of the brown tones are Bullseye glass. This may be to much information but I am assuming if you are reading this and not just clicking on the pictures you are interested and I want everyone to know of the high quality of materials put into this treasure.

The shade is 20 inches across and from the top of the finial to the bottom drooping leaves it is 13 inches. The overall height is 35 inches and the base has a footprint of 13 inches. The soft blue gray grid work to the top of the lamp is bordered with many gold and brown acorns and these acorns are scattered throughout the leaves as well. A much lighter blue with white glass makes up the background of the leaves pulling the top grid color to the leaves.

The base is a copper sculpture fashioned after an Oak tree right down to the big knot on the front of the base. It illuminates the shade with four 60 watt bulbs with the pulls being  copper sculpture branches ending in a small White Oak leaf and acorn. The bottom of the base is decorated with copper oak leaves and acorns giving the effect of a woodland floor. There is a secret compartment built into this lamp but of course I cannot show it here or it wouldn’t be much of a secret any more. If you are interested I can send extra pictures showing more of the details of this lamp. There are even acorns and oak leaves above the light cluster on the trunk that can only be seen when the shade is off the base. Please inquire for price or any other questions you may have through the CONTACT link at the top of the page in the upper right side.  Thanks.