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The process of making this seven foot tall by four foot wide cross has been well documented on this web-site and I am happy to announce it is now installed in it’s new home, Trinity Lutheran Church in Brainerd MN. This copper sculpture cross hangs above the alter with the bottom of the cross seven feet off the ground. It is attached to a laminated curved beam by a welded steel bracket that is bolted into this beam and the back of the cross. The bracket has copper sculpture decorative work on each side to hide the bolts etc. and enhance the overall theme of the cross itself. The copper sculpture work on the bracket sides havea cross coming up out of sliced agatized or petrified wood symbolic of the two criminals hanging on each side of Jesus.  A second and deeper meaning is the cross resting on rock represents  the bedrock of our faith being  Christ’s death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection victorious over sin and death. The stained glass rays shining off the cross represent His power and love for us as well as His divinity as our King and is back lite with four spot lights mounted to the sides of the beam and have dimmers controlled by the sound system technician for effect during the service. The butterflies clinging to the cross represent  us as Christians transformed through Christ from lowley caterpillars and worms to beautiful butterflies flying twords heaven. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this project or for work you may need in your own church. Simply use the contact page to e-mail me. Thank-you. Greg Rosenbergtrinity-lutheran-cross-015trinity-lutheran-cross-027trinity-lutheran-cross-026