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This is my effort to document from beginning to end the process of creating a project. Please forgive the mistakes made or odd sentance placement. I am constantly reminded of my limitations and ignorance of computer skills. Of course, this is a project that cuts to the very heart of forgiveness. When finished this cross covered with easter lilies will remind us all of Christ’s great love for us and our salvation through His death on the cross and triumphant resurrection. The small butterflies on the cross all facing upwards will be symbolic of our own salvation and victory through Christ; our transformation from sinful man to children of God heading to our home in heaven. The stained glass rays of light shining out from the cross remind us of the Hope we have in our salvation. Heavy stuff but really cool.

Here is where it all starts. First I make a wood cross the exact size measuring seven foot tall and four foot across and install the mounting bolts to the back of it so it can be hung off the arch above the alter in the sanctuary of the church. This cross will be covered in copper but for now I need it for making the copper easter lilies the right size. Copper cladding comes later.

Here are some easter lilies being made. Each petal, leaf and stamen is made individually and then soldered togather. Each piece needs to be “tinned” or covered in solder so the overall project can have a uniform patina when completed.¬†It will eventually¬†have a rich bronze and copper patina. This is nearing the end of week four and all the flowers and buds are done. They are now being soldered togather to look like a real lily. Next comes the leaves. For today, I and my wife are headed to the airport in MPLS. to pick up our oldest boy and family. We get a week of spoiling our grandson Caleb and dodging looks of disapproval from the parents! Fun.