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While evaluating my current economic situation it occurs to me that I have little to no idea as to what I am doing as a business person. I need to keep reminding myself of this truth because it gives me a safe place to hide when feeling inadequate fiscally. There is much less guilt when my capabilities are recognized for what they are. I simply focus on what I CAN do and not beat myself up for what I cannot figure out or do not understand. With that in mind it is easy to rationally justify dedicating the next five to six weeks on a lamp that will be too labor intensive to expect to sell in any economic times! But it will be totally cool and someone out there really needs this lamp for their home or business. In this light it seems irresponsible not to make it! The pictures here represent day four in labor.white-oak-table-lamp-001white-oak-table-lamp-003white-oak-table-lamp-005 The picture on the far left show the colors chosen. The soft gray-blue is the top of the lamp and the earthy colors are the oak leaves. This lamp has over 1600 peices of glass to cut, wrap in copper and solder together.

A side note after this project finished. It took me 7 1/2 weeks and I totally loved every minute of the work. It was just what I needed and entering it in a local art show and winning Best of Show really topped it off!